Friday, May 8, 2009

The power of a mother

    In life, we come across numerous forms of relationships but the dearest and most heartfelt relation of all is between a mother and her child. The bond of mother and child is the purest and holiest. In her creative capacity, mother, after all, is next to God. She is a gem who forgives everything. A warm and affectionate touch from a mother gives us immense security: we feel safe and proud. 
    Motherhood has long been considered the embodiment of self-sacrifice, and for good reason. From the first manifestations of "morning" sickness to the sacrificial act of birthing, it consumes mothers through the physical body. Of course, it doesn't begin with pregnancy nor does it end after giving birth. Not at all. Every stage of a child's life requires a different set of motherly attitudes, analyses and discernment based on her judgement.

    A mother is the heart of every home. On her shoulders lie the responsibility of striking a balance between softness and strength. She takes it upon herself to smile through every heartache just so the emotional security of the home is not disrupted. She devotes to her immediate precious circle an abundance of love and yet at the end of a long day she is sure to have enough left to offer those who may still be in need of it. The resilience of a woman is amazing and it will take no less than motherhood to bring to light the truth. 
    Today is Mother's day. As we thank heaven for the blessing that is Mom/Mama/Nanay, let us likewise be thankful for the other people in our lives who have treated us like their own children. Unlike romantic love, which is often just anchored on feelings, motherhood is always both a feeling and a decision. A mother loves her child unconditionally and she communicates that love 24/7. What she does and says is just a faint echo of all that is naturally written in her heart. Even when a child turns into a impossible, bratty monster the mother's love will persevere because she knows that hidden inside the monster is her child. 

    My brother and I are blessed with a wonderful, wonderful mother who always supports us in 
everything we do and showing us her never ending love. Mommy is the love of my dad's life, and she is to Fenton and me a loving ally and a precious jewel. Thank you Mom, for so much - Happy Mother's Day!

    Now I would like to tell you about another mother of mine ( she is yours, too), who not only is a source of much comfort but my hotline to heaven, too. Let me begin by saying that I honestly cannot remember a time when I wasn't aware of the existence of the Blessed Mother and her son, Jesus. Just like Jesus, Mama Mary was, still is, and will always be a strong, real presence in my life. For little things as well as big things, I turn to Mama Mary. I always carry a rosary and my handbags have a rosary each. She was to me a great, powerful intercessor. She was my way to Jesus and the more I prayed, the better things always turned out to be. 

    Whenever I was faced with any trouble, worry, or danger, the rosary proved to be a major source of strength. Mama Mary is really a mother. When we seek her out, she always responds by sending a loving hug my way, be it through a general feeling of peace or through the many earthly angels in the guise of every day people that she sends our way.

    I cannot remember anything that I prayed for that Mama Mary did not help me with. 

    Well, to my loving Mom, Mama Mary, and to all the mothers out there - Happy Mother's Day!