Friday, March 6, 2009

Reasons To Love Summer

    Summer is here again, and it's a sizzler. While a lot of people I know dislike summer because of the unbearable heat, it happens to be one of my favorite season. Here, I give you reasons why:

1) Having a picnic and flying a kite. You would think nobody does that anymore in a busy city like Manila. Think again. The Fort can be a good place for it. 

2) More quality time with your child. The enthusiasm of a child is contagious - I feel blessed with their wild-eyed innocence and total appreciation of things, be it in something as trivial as cracking the shell of a hard-boiled egg to trying to catch small fish with their little hands.

3) Staying in and watching your favorite show or DVDs.

4) Makeup-free days when your skin can really breathe.

5) Buttered corn on the cob.

6) You can enjoy halo-halo anywhere. It does not have to be anything fancy - you can make your own(after all, every Pinoy household has its own version). Milky Way and Razon's are legendary for their halo-halo. If you'll find yourself anywhere near Razon's or Milky Way,  do yourself a favor by indulging in at least one serving.

7) Milkshakes. Any kind, any blend. As long as it tickles your fancy.

8) The long days are a perfect excuse to stay in and catch up on your reading. For me, one of life's simple joys is curling up with a good book.

9) The hot weather is the perfect reason to wear white. It is also a great excuse to wear your man's big white cotton shirt.

10) It's a great time to have outdoor barbecues with family and friends.

11) The summer heat is the perfect excuse to dig into a big bowl of your favorite ice cream.

12) You tend to appreciate more of life's little pleasures, the very same things you tend to overlook the rest of the year. Like what? The cool breeze that seems to come just when you think you can't take the heat any longer. The shade that trees provide. The function of a big giveaway-from-the-bank umbrella. The wonderful invention that is the refrigerator. The blessedness of cold, clean drinking water and the ice cubes in any drink your heart fancies.

13) The beach. Although Boracay will always be a sentimental favorite, our country is rich with so many other beautiful beaches and resorts. It is amazing how much more there is to enjoy and discover within Philippine shores.

14) Tank tops and flip flops.

15) Board games.

16) Longer, more languid bathing rituals.

17) Ice candy. Any flavor.

18) A good foot and body massage.

19) The refreshing feel of baby cologne splashed generously on the body when the weather gets too, too hot.

20) Slices of butter and sugar toast. There are many ways of making this treat but at home we prepare it only one way: By spreading the butter generously on the bread,  toasting it, and as a last step sprinkling white sugar on it. Bite into it and the different textures that fill your mouth - the half-crispy, half-gooey, butter-soaked bread and the raw, grainy white sugar - is as much a pleasure as the homey, delicious taste you will remember from way back when you were a little child sitting in your mother's kitchen.

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rochelle said...

hey you forgot to mention having bonding moments with friends during holyweek....nyeeehhh