Thursday, November 13, 2008

Reading To My Baby

I always read storybooks even when I am still pregnant with each of my children. I've learned from a pregnancy book that reading books while soothing your tummy can help nourish the brain of the baby inside you. It is also mentioned that they can hear their mother's voice while still inside the womb. This is the reason why I have been doing it daily during my preggy days and until now.
Reading to our little ones fosters a wonderful bond between parents and child. Our voice and facial expressions are also key in telling a story...the more lively and emotional your delivery, the better! My kids love it when I change my voice and pretend to be the character of the story. One book is not enough for them. That is why I still continue reading to them even if my voice already turned husky.
I greatly believe that books open our little one's minds to great discoveries and excellent future. So reading books need not be that boring and should not be limited only in school. We should stock our house with books and take time to read it to our child because our little ones will surely enjoy spending quality time with us while intuitively learning new things.

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