Friday, October 3, 2008

My Husband

This is my husband. His name is Andre. Well, what can I say! He's the man of my life! He's my source of strength really. Every time I'm at my lowest, he's there to cheer me up and giving me encouraging words. He is a very funny person close to being a clown I should say:) There is never a day that he missed to joke around. He is also a man full of stories. He can tell you the same stories all over and over again for so many times. My husband is a good father, a good son,a good friend, a good husband and a good brother. A man of good deeds to top it all. In our family, he is the disciplinarian but sometimes also tends to give way to whatever the children likes. He is the breadwinner to his family which made him to be a good son. He is very supportive to his three siblings and never gets tired of giving them good advises. He is a good husband to me because he teaches me all the good things, shares to me all his good and bad experiences , takes good care of me when I am not feeling well and loving me unconditionally. Yes, a good friend indeed! He surely knows how to make his friends laugh. He is always ready to lend them a helping hand. Well, to end this, I just want to say I love him so much and thank God for giving me a husband like him.

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